Monday, September 20, 2010

Very well sorted Yamaha XS650.

Love the pipes. Thanks to Suzukijoe.


  1. Fantastic! Tell me more. Who built it? Where did those gorgeous pipes come from? What are the specs? I need details.

  2. The pipes more than likely came from a company called Jemco here in the U.S. ( They've been making them a while. You could find similar pipes a Omars ( who specialize in XS (and other) tracker parts.

    The rest of the bike is some adapted tarozzi rearsets that you can find lots of places and a simple seat pad and modified frame to match. This bike would be a blast to own.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Agreed, it would be a blast to own. I personally like this look better than the 'trackers' I've seen. I have an 1980 650 'Special' out in the garage that I've been waiting on the right inspiration for modding. I just might have found it!


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