Friday, January 16, 2009

A 3/4 scale Ridley and a Nimbus for Reader Ted Guthrie

I love the Nimbus design (see link here). It's like rolling industrial art. I've never heard of the Ridley. Really interesting bike. Kind of like a Cushman on steroids.

Ted Writes:

Hi, Steve. I enjoyed seeing the unique and rare Harley-Davidson motocrosser, featured on your site. Speaking of unique bikes, one of the more interesting I've ever come across is the Ridley. Produced right here in the USA, these 3/4 scale cruisers feature a 500cc v-twin engine, and fully automatic transmission.

I spotted this one at an Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club meet. Check out the old Yamaha IT200 parked behind it for a reference to its diminuitive size.

Also included is a photo taken at the same event, of a Nimbus. I've not done any research on the brand, but I believe it was produced in Sweden. A very interesting mix of engineering. Note the perimeter frame, yet exposed valvetrain.

As always, Much Appreciated!


  1. The Nimbus was from Denmark, actually. That particularly model was made until 1960 and the Danish postal service apparently used them well into the 1970s.


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