Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update Request: Can the owner please contact me. A moto Morini Flattracker.

Pete Giammalvo (or anyone who may know him)  if you're reading this can you please contact me.  I received a request from someone to publish these pics of your bike and I'd like to put you in touch with him to work out any permissions.  Thanks!

Reader Pete Giammalvo sends in thise pics of what I believe to be a really cool Moto Morini flattracker. I'm also guessing that it's a 3 1/2 (or 350) model.

Thanks Much Pete!


  1. Steve-I would just about bet if you posted this over on's forum you'd get some type of quality response. There's an awful lot of knowledgeable people over there on this type of stuff. This one's out of my knowledge-range, but it sure is sweet!
    Good luck--Mike

  2. Noticed you put up a post at's forum on this. You already have an answer!


  3. Steve.
    I sent you an e-mail about this bike. Not sure if you got it or not.


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