Wednesday, October 14, 2009

1977 Ducati GTS Reader Ride.

Greg sends in some pics of his sweet Ducati.

He Writes:

Thanks for a great site.
This is my 77' GTS. It has 16,000 original miles.
The fun thing about this bike is I know its history back to its original owner. Sold originally in Canada, it was sold to Long Island, NY and then to Manhattan, NY before coming to me. And I have spoken with all of its owners, who are still into Ducati or Italian motorcycles.

The bike has been repainted, has an earlier 860GT seat and a very rare two into one Conti exhaust that no one in the know has ever seen before.
It was electric start and kick ... over my ownership the electric motor stopped working and has since been removed.
Hope you enjoy the story and photo's.

Thanks Much for the pics!

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