Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just a quick celebration RANT!! LOL Got my KZ650 started FINALLY!!

12:45 at night on Friday err Saturday the 17th and SHE FINALLY FREAKING RUNS!!!

She's been giving fits not wanting to start and coughing and backfiring. I've been pulling my hair out for a week. Got pissed off and put the kid to bed early tonight and went to work. I had one thing left to check and I was right. Turns out I screwed up the cam chain count by a link when setting the cams in. Reset it all. Reassembled... held my breath and hit the button...and she fired right up! A little bit of sputter but I haven't had a timing light on her yet so no biggie. My first love is 2 strokes but I gotta say MAN does she sound strong on that Kerker pipe! I mean suddenly it's 1978 in my garage LOL

Well! Time for a nice Crown Royal to celebrate and off to bed! Night all!

1 comment:

  1. Good on ya Steve! Bike looks great,now to put some miles on her.



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