Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kawasaki Versys converted into a "real" adventure bike.

Now THAT'S a dirtworthy Versys. Wish I had more info in the modifications but all I have is the picture. Obviously there has been a feont end swap (from a KLR perhaps?) and a rear spoked wheel grafted on. Great Stuff!

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  1. From looking at the photo, the front-end is NOT from a KLR. Most likely it is from an older Kawi dirt bike, say a KX600 or the like. KLR front-ends are fatter and have way less travel. I could use some other words for them but the KLR faithful might hunt me down and kill me if I do.

    The rear wheel looks like an Excel wheel or the Euro equivalent (hub, spokes and rim). The sprocket could be from any one of a dozen makers (Talon, Renthal, etc.).


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