Saturday, January 23, 2010

Honda Supercub C90ST.

Joe from Mexico sends in some pictures of this new Honda  C90ST.  At a quick glance, I thought it was a restoration of an early model.  then Joe mentioned the history of the bike.  I didn't realize that these were being built by Honda in North America!  In my beach community this bike would be fantastic! Why the heck can't I get one of these at my local Honda dealer here in the US?  No offense to the Vespa "style" scooters but I'd rather have something along these lines for where I live.

Joe Writes:
great website! Here's my 2008 Honda Super Cub C90ST, I bought it new in April, 2008. Built in Kumamoto Japan, assembled from CKD in Guadalajara, México. I learned to ride on it, but rarely ride it anymore, I ride a 2008 Honda NX4 Falcon (400cc version of NX650 Dominator, built in Brazil) now.


Thanks Joe!  And if you have pictures of that NX4 Falcon I'd love to see them!


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