Sunday, January 31, 2010

UPDATE: A pair CX500 Cafe Racers. Now with link to build pics!

The last few CX Honda's I posted got quite a bit of attention so I thought I'd pass this pair along.  The pictures aren't the best resolution but I figured a few folks would be interested.  There was no other info with them.  I found them on an obscure thread over on ADV rider.

UPDATE:  I love these boards!  Thanks to Motosapiens in the comments section for  a link to the build pics of the first red CX.  Looks Great! 

Oh and be sure to Check our his blog as well! Some good stuff there! Merci Beaucoup!


  1. Hi! the red CX is a french racer realized by JLV, a Fat Club's member... all the work about this bike is described in the fat club forum:

    MPOTD, is a very nice blog !

  2. the picture of bike very nice i love it. the style of picture is very beautiful. thanks for sharing us.

  3. i have a cx cafe project in progress. only hope mine can turn out half as nice as these. killer pics.


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