Monday, February 1, 2010

Almost 17,000 visits Last Month! Thanks For Stopping by!

I've said it before... I continue to be amazed how this little hobby of mine continues to grow! Things slowed down a little for the holidays (which speaks to the good sense and proper priorities of the visitors to this site) and then took another nice surge in January. I sure hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.

And remember that I'm always on the hunt for interesting bikes to post so if you have any then send in some pics! Anything cool. Old or new, slow or fast... doesn't matter. If you want to include a description or build history (or whatever) that's great too! The higher resolution the photo the better. I can adjust down but I can't put in what isn't there.

Thanks for stopping by everybody!


  1. A big congrats to you! Impressive to be up that much in just a year. Guess all the Guzzi pics are working for you. I know they keep me coming back.

  2. I wouldnt miss it for the world! It is indeed like motorcycle porn on here, and the drool every time I log on to check whats new. Please keep it up!

    The bird.

  3. Way cool! You've got me doubled!


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