Friday, February 12, 2010

Bultaco Metralla!


  1. I love these! The left-side kicker is the cherry on top (my X6 Suzukis had it too). Makes for delightful side-saddle takeoffs. The Metralla is high on the list of best bikes I ever owned, on par with the '80 Ducati 900SSD and '70 TR6R. It was a little hairy in strong sidewinds on the highway, though. A couple of times it felt me and the bike would be lifted over the rail of the Oakland Bay Bridge.

  2. Bultacos rock im restoring my dads 1967 bultaco metisse frameed 67 x-6 hustler powered flatracker that he rode to 4 michigan state championships in the sixties. Some of the best handling bikes ever made were bultacos..


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