Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TWO UPDATES: Gobsmackingly Beautiful Ducati...

UPDATE: For an excellent writeup on this fantastic motorcycle please be sure and check it out here at the indespensible Bikeexif.  They're a great site that does the legwork to search out the stories and history behind a lot of these great bikes. Fantastic Work!

Update #2:
I recieve an email from the owner of the bike Mr. Mike Cecchini.  Most of this repeats the Update#1 in the Bikeexif post above and includes comments to some posters over on that site.  Pleas go there and check it out!  As a bonus he has also included some more great photos attached below!  Thanks VERY  much sir!! 

SORRY.  I'm having formatting problems with the message and I had to take it out till I can sort it better.  For the gist of it go on over to the Bikeexif post. 

This may be the most beautiful motorcycle I've ever seen. It's easier to say than prove but for the moment, I don't remember seeing it's better.





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  1. Absolutely correct saying its one of the nicest looking bikes around.
    Man, would it look nice in my garage..
    Mike B.


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