Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reader Ride! Those fine XS650's keep on coming!

Everyone has a few bikes that they have a soft spot for.  If you've been following this site I'm sure you've noticed that Moto Guzzi has a lot of allure to me.  Another bike that I'm especially fond of is the Yamaha XS650.  It's such a timeless bike that I really don't understand why Yamaha doesn't still sell it.  If you search this site you'll fins XS650's set up as fantastic roadracers, bobbers, choppers, vintage motocrossers, and especially flat trackers.  I have no doubt that if Yamaha still sold a nice basic, shouldered rimed aluminum wheeled, XS650 that people would still be buying them and turning them into everything under the sun.  I suppose that the Triumph Bonneville has sort of become the newer version of the older XS... which is probably why you'll find so many bonnys on here too. 

Anyway all this philosophizing was triggered by this latest reader ride.  I've wanted to build one of these for years now and this picture may just put me over the top.  This was sent in by Jeff Corcoran.

Jeff writes:
Here is a picture of my Dad and his project.He would really get a kick to see the picture on your site.The motorcycle picture of the day has become the regular topic of conversation between us.  His name is Mick Corcoran of North Highlands Ca.Thanks for your time you have made a great site somthing to look forward to every day.

My pleasure Jeff.  She's a stunner!  And Thanks Much for visiting!

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