Monday, May 3, 2010

Interesting Honda CL450 Cafe Racer.

A friend saw this on the Chicago Craigslist. Nice build.


  1. That would be a CL450, not an SL350.

    Come on, that's twice with wrongly named bikes in two weeks.

  2. Thanks. I didn't see the add just got the pics. I sure hope you're getting your money's worth.

  3. Close, but it's a CL. Basically a CB with high pipes. They didn't make an SL larger than 350.

    An SL would have a twin downtube frame and a hoop around the back under the seat.

    I just like to see things labeled correctly to keep people on the right track. :D

  4. I have a 71 honda cl450 cafe as well and really like that tank, anyone know what bike thats off of? thanks

  5. Just a guess but that might be a Honda SL tank. Not sure what model exactly but rht cut-in at the back looks familiar.

  6. That looks like a stock tank for a later year CL450, take a look at these pics:


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