Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reader Submittal. A stunning pair of Honda's

Thanks To Ted Guthrie for the pics!

He Write:
Two incredibly perfectly restored early-60's Japanese twins. Note the blue seat on the Honda. Rather than a formal display, these bikes, along with most of those shown in these pictures were just scattered about the swap meet.


  1. Hiya bud, I think you'll find that the red bike is a Suzuki, possibly a TC 250 trail cat? I'm no anorak so I can't be positive... Good looking bikes though and good to see they're not over-restored, a bit of individuality just like they would have been back in the day.

  2. The red Suzuki is a 250 X6 Hustler Scrambler. Probably a 66 or 67. Currently restomoding a 66 myself. I will be sure to send in some before and after when I am done Steve!


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