Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Imported Norton in the USA since 1976!

Hey Steve

Hope all is going well. I continue to enjoy your Motorcycle Photo of the Day.

Thought you and your viewers might be interested in these shots of the first new Norton Commando to hit North American shores since 1976. 2010 Commando 961 Sport. I was at the Unveiling Event in Newmarket, Ontario (Toronto) on August 11th. Came out of the crate, fired up and driven around the block by President of Norton Canada Peter Howes (in the black Norton shirt). Looks and sounds like a Norton – 2010 style. As an old Norton aficionado I can’t wait to ride one and see what it feels like. Production bikes (limited quantity, basically small scale hand made) will arrive in Canada and the U.S. (U.S. Distributor is Matt Capri in Long Beach, CA by next Spring. 3 Commando models – Sport, Café Racer and SE. U.S. More info at

P.S. Work continues at Norton headquarters in Donnington Park, UK on a new 700 cc rotary engine race bike which should be racing in the 1200 cc Superbike class soon. Watch it go. Norton would appear to be back – in style!


  1. Now if I had the spare cash that would be the next bike to grace my garage floor. It's a stunner.

  2. Did those mirrors just pop up automatically when the lid was taken off the crate? Thats a very interesting and clever concept...!!!!! :o)


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