Friday, August 13, 2010

Reader Ride.. Beautiful converted Flat/Street Tracker

Ted Gail Sends in this beauty.   He Writes:

I stumbled across your page and thought you might like this bike.
It is my old race bike from 30 years ago. I had always wanted to make a street bike out of one of a flat tracker because they look so cool. I knew I needed a 4 stroke with an electric start and my first attempt was a KLR 650 engine and it just wasn't going to fit in that frame. Then after much measuring I decided a 450WR would be perfect, good power (at least as much as the F11M it originally had) with a wide ratio gearbox and an electric start.
It is a Cycle Factory frame, Ceriani road race forks, Kosman wheels, 2007 Yamaha 450 WR engine, Champion Glass with a Greg Flowers paint job.

Hope you like it,

Ted Gail

Great Stuff Ted! Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for showing the bike.


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