Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reader Ride! One Bitchen V-Rod!

All the way from the UK!!Reader Ron Fairbrother from England Sends in this terrific take on a boring old V-Rod

Ron Writes in:

Love following your site and thought it was time to send you the phots of the project I've just finished.  Stock Vrod frame, engine and swingarm.  The rest is my design, creation etc.
Pretty much everything has been redesigned.  Maybe this is how HD should have built the Vrod eh?????  I think so .
Kind regards

Hey Harley!  Take a look at this why don't you!!

An In-process build pic.


  1. that's exactly what harley is incapable of doing. making motorcycles instead of dinosaur boats suspended on two wheels. no wonder they dumped buel, when you believe your own type casting at that level it's natural.

    this site hits the format with a rubber hammer and it resonates at perfect pitch. great bikes and great bikes every day thanks

  2. What a great bike the lines flow so well, a credit to the builder

  3. To be honest, I'm not a huge H-D fan, but that V-Rod I really like. Great work.

  4. Guess what, neither was I and I hated the Vrod with all its namby pamby chrome pish. But I saw through that and knew that something good could be created out of that frame and engine. I'm no motorcycle builder by profession but boy was it worth it.. I know it's not a true blood cafe racer but it's my "different" take on the subject. Never said I was sane did I ?? :o)
    Thanks for your compliments, makes it all worthwhile.

  5. great job, man. i love that the wheels are spoked. very clean. looks like you shaved off 100 lbs. no chrome. excellent.

  6. Jaw hits keyboard, she's a beauty Ron, a very rare thing where the H-D name is concerned


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