Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reader Ride. Beautifully Photographed R1.

As modern sprotbikes ;-) go the Yamaha's have always "done it" for me just a little more than the other big 3 (or is it 4 now with BMW?)  and this is a very nicely shot example.

The owner writes in:

I am afraid that my bike is quite conventional compared to the customs pictured on your deeply awesome blog. But I think these pictures are themselves pretty cool.
Here's a description:
Pictured here is my bike, an R1 i have named the Pharmacon Atlas. "Pharmacon" is an ancient Greek word meaning both "cure" and "poison." Naturally, it should be the name for a motorcycle. "Atlas" has many meanings. It is a collection of maps. It is also the ancient greek god that holds heaven and earth on his shoulders. It is also the topmost bone of the vertebrae. Through these three meanings I deduct three vital maxims: Know where you're going, hold it down and protect your neck.

Just a thought here but there's is no bike that is to "conventional" for the blog.  To be clear.... ANY creative,  interesting and well photographed motorcycle is a candidate.  If you have some trick shots of your Honda Rebel on Sunset cliffs at dusk then send them in.  I'd love to see them.  I even created a "Wanderlust" category for shots that are as much about scenery as they are about the bikes.  So, like I mention in the the blog description, any bike that strikes my fancy at the moment.  No Rules.


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