Sunday, October 24, 2010

Radical RD350 Custom From India.

I'm cross-posting this over from the 2-stroke blog.

Te-a Writes in:

Hello, My Names is Te-a, I'm from the far north east corner of India, in the city of Aizawl, Mizoram. We are a huge fan of your blog, keep it up. Heres a couple of pictures of a custom RD350, done by my brother Muansanga MSX. The frame is stock, rear suspension is from a 150cc 4-stroke Yamaha R15, tail cowling fabricated, wheels are 17-inchers from R15, 120/80 rear tire with a 100/80 front. Engine is completely rebuilt from scratch, with a stage 1 porting job with a custom built MSX expansion chamber. Custom painted by yours trully. Hope you like it. Thanks.

(My blog -

Thanks very much for sending this in. I love getting bikes from other parts of the world. Especially customs. I enjoy seeing what other people are doing to their bikes. It's inspiring and it opens up the possibilities. Te-a's paint work is simply fantastic. Check out his blog new blog for more examples.

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