Sunday, December 5, 2010

Totally Sick! RZ500/R6 Hybrid. Too good not to share. Cross-post From The 2-Stroke Board.

You hear about bikes like this in lots of conversations.... "wouldn't it be cool to put engine X in chassis Y"..  Well someone REALLY did it.  More on the project over on BARF

"Current generation Yamaha R6 chassis with Ohlins forks and shock, Brembo brakes, forged wheels, and aluminum subframe. Engine swap with Yamaha RD500 (aka RZ500 aka RZv500) V4 twin-crank two-stroke. Handmade expansion chambers with carbon fiber silencers. Mikuni flatslide carbs."


  1. Awesome--this deserves an award /hall of fame on it's own right....!!!!

  2. one: very cool concept. two: shocking construction. check out the frame holding the engine in place at the front! and the position of the radiator means it will get hit by the front wheel at less than full compression. he has also HACKED AWAY PART OF THE FRAME for the kickstarter.

    looks good to start with but my god i would never ride that thing


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