Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Most Grooooovy Tri.... errr correction... NORTON in Town!

Corrected by an alert reader in the comments. Thanks!

This was in the parking lot of a local shop that specializes in old british bikes. It's not often you see a period correct all original "flower power" paint scheme so well preserved on an old ride like this. Not exactly my style but this must have been just the ticket back in the day...


  1. That's a Norton, not a Triumph. Notice the Featherbed frame and distinctive Norton head.

  2. Oooh - a little too much acid back in the 60's for this owner I think :-)

  3. No problem on the correction, thanks for the fix and the mention. Just trying to lend a hand to an already cool blog.

  4. Was there such a thing as "too much acid" back in the 60's?? Couldn't prove that by me......*8-}. That is an absolutely gorgeous example of the "flower power" of us hippies back in the day. Thanks for sharing it.


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