Friday, July 30, 2010

Reader Ride. Georgous Kawasaki Z1 Restoration.

Mike sends in these beautiful restoration shots of his well traveled Z1.
He Writes:

Thought I’d send pics of my old baby for your blog …

Brought the bike over with me from the UK. Finally decided to do a complete restore thinking it’d cost about $3k … $10k+ later … couldn’t ride it because she was so very pretty.
Sold it after 500 miles but will forever cherish the personal challenge. Screws were self cleaned and re-plated or re-chromed like stock. All parts powder coated. Engine black coat was baked on in my kitchen oven (yes, I was single!). Basically went through what we all go through when it comes to our toys.

Fantastic Work!  Don't know how you could let a beauty like that go.  Thanks Much!


  1. Great unusual paintjob :)

  2. Hi Rofu,
    the paintjob was the was popular in Europe. The US version was usually brown/red ... which is probably what you expected. I understand Canada also had the Green/Yellow ... not too sure.
    Thanks for admiring the paintjob though :)
    cheers Michael

  3. What a great lookin' bike Mike. Like the paint. I always wanted one, maybe one day. Difficult to find them around here.
    Mike B.
    Nia.Falls Ont.


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