Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Triumph Scrambler "Jack Pine Special"..

I haven't had time to check so this may be a re-post and if so I apologize.  I keep coming across this bike on the web and I keep coming back to oogle it.  It may push me over the top to just buy a darn scrambler and get on with it. God she's a beauty...


  1. Does anyone know the barend-mirrors?

  2. So right above the headlight there looks to be a small light--it's only present in the final picture. What is it?

  3. If you look closer, you´ll see that it´s a different bike on the last photo (the right bike) It has al old triumph engine.

  4. The last bike is the Royal Enfield he does, and that light is the turn signal.

  5. Originally called a "pub light." At one time said to be a legal requirement
    in old England and now a vestigial organ on Indian Enfields. Like the casting on the crankcase for the original Mag-Dynamo..


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