Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Sold in the U.S..... So where the heck IS the new CB1100?

It's been off the radar for so long that I forgot about it.  Come on Honda!


  1. Clearly HONDA has lost its way in America. This is the bike they should sell in America. Not some Hurley V-Twin clone or plastic Fury corporate Chooper. Nothing says badass like a Corporate Chopper....C'mon HONDA sell this bike in America. Look at Triumph...innovative and leading the way....!

  2. I would happily own one of those.....but not sold in the UK only. You yanks dont have the monopoly on crappy imports you know :o)
    On the Triumph note, you guys are lucky there cos it's cheaper to buy a triumph in the States than it is here in the UK where the damn thing is made. There again your gas is 1/4 the price of ours. Boy, I feel sooooo lucky to be an Englishman.

  3. It's available here in Australia.

    I'm not sure where the clip was filmed, it looks like New Zealand...


  4. I think this one "CB1100" is the best than Honda CRF250r,but i don't know about it's fuel consumption and $


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