Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reader Ride... Old School CZ from the Czech Republic!

James From Czechoslovak sends in his oldschool  CZ 175 1962 dirtbike.

He writes in:
Hi, my name is James and I come from the Czech Republic. I love old bikes and retro style. I prefer motorcycles manufactured in Czechoslovakia (Jawa, CZ). I really like your site. Every day, like watching pictures of bikes all over the world. I decided to also donate their bike. Not original, but built of scrap to ride the terrain around my home.

This is my CZ 175 Type 450 of 1962, adjusted for oldschool dirt bike. He has lots of adjustments for off-road driving. The engine has increased power from 10hp to 15hp, weight is + / - 100kg

I love the old Jawa/CZ.  Some of the best looking engines built and they go like mad!  Still miss my old CZ250 dirtbike.  Scary scary motorcycle but oh so fun!

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  1. funny. as this was posted i had a huge cz post on my site with 12 photos and a long historical perspective.

    didn't cover the motocross much because that isn't what bM covers, but cz bikes were a foundational influence on many japs.

    too bad communism sucked so bad. they sucked it all out of some bright minds at cz for sure.


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