Friday, November 5, 2010

Workshops that don't suck....

I think I'm going to start another theme here at MPOTD and call it  "Workshops that don't suck".  This is a slight variation on the "Dream Workshops" that you run across from time to time.  There's a LOT of really cool shops, sheds, and garages out there that aren't necessarily in the "dream" category.... errrr. although this one definately WOULD fall in that area,  So!  On top of all cool bikes and "Wanderlust" pics, if you've got a cooler than average shop, shed, garage, barn, or even if you like to wrench in your living room... if you think it's interesting send it in!

Here's a really interesting little spot I found over in a thread at ADV rider...  I mean WOW!


  1. you'd think he could afford to have a VFR400/RVF400/NSR250/etc....;)

  2. If all that was mine, I would at least get the vacuum cleaner and a duster out to clean it. Whoever he/she is, aint the cleanest person in the world eh?????? And get those damn untidy cars out...... :o)

  3. all it takes is cash( or credit)

  4. Yeah, but if I had the cash I would spend it exactly the same way...... good luck to them, they know how to enjoy it.


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