Monday, December 6, 2010

Update: Fantastic Triumph Land Sped Racer

Update:  Just got a note from an ADV rider poster who wrote in.

Loadedagain of advrider here... I see you've got Tom Mellors silver bullet posted today. Just an FYI... He's got a 1000cc engine in it now. it ran in 2010 as a 1000cc bike....Ii was at his place a couple weekends ago... the crazy dude is going for 200mph in 2011! My bet is he'll make it.
Cheers, Colin

I bet he does too.  Thanks Colin!
I lifted this verbatim off of an ADV rider thread.  Just too cool

750MPS-PG class (750cc Modified Production pushrod, pump fuel [gas], partially streamlined — the front wheel must be visible for 180 degrees below the axle), 180.317mph

750MP-PG class (750cc Modified Production pushrod, pump fuel, with no bodywork, but with the rear fairing left on since it counts as being the seat), 159.905mph

Unbelievable numbers for a pushrod 750 on gasoline (remember Bonneville is a little over 4,300' in elevation). Tom put a lot of people on the trailer with those numbers. Gorgeous bike!

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