Saturday, December 18, 2010

Updates: An odd bike. A Swedish Hedlund V-twin, Cafe Racer.

 For those of you looking for more info on this engine, here's a link to the "Hedlund Story"
And From the comments. Flickr link to more pics.  Thanks Jezza.

I really don't know a lot about these bikes/engines so anything the readers can help out with will be much appreciated,


  1. Some more pics over here.

    Is that V twin home made? Anyone know anything about these bikes? Engine kind of looks a bit like a Rotax...

  2. I would guess that is an early version of the Swedish Highland engine ... not positive though.

  3. SOH driver said:
    This engine was constructed and built for Sidecar MX racing in a small serie. Made by a Nils Hedlund 77 year old and still going strong.

  4. 2 valve SOHC engine of 980cc. 89 x 63 if memory serves. Bathtub head with central plug. Built originally for sidecar MX. Usually run with a Norton g/box. About 40 were constructed, late '70's early '80's.
    I built one into a BoTT racer in the UK - not reliable at constant high RPM !!

  5. Here are some videos of the engine.......


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