Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Too good not to post!

Wow!  Speaks for itself!  I'm out of town and just checking in and this is too good to pass up. 

Ola,again from Montreal 
I thought you might get a kick out of an old winter project of mine;A buddy dropped off an XL250 (that I quickly took the motor out of & gave away the rest). I happened to have an extra frame from a Z50 hanging around. The motor has a performance cam (because you can't go wrong with too much power, most of the time). I used triple trees from a Yamaha TT500 that  were gathering dust in my,tiny, workshop ( the head pipe came from the TT too. Hey, it fit right on !).. The rear sprocket was a McGyver 'special'. Footpegs are the old buddy pegs from my CBR900RR.Seat is the passenger saddle from the 900 too.Fuel cell is a modded propane cylinder ( don't try this at home kids !).I think the Supertrapp is off of the XL250 if memory serves.
Performance is....terrifying. Owing to the lack of suspension ( the forks are a joke ), you cannot hold the throttle open. Though when you try, the front wheel comes up...in EVERY gear! Great fun because it looks like a regular Z50 from the front (except for the TT500 clamps & bars) so folks don't appreciate what's about to catch & pass them.

Simple and spectacular!!  Thanks Again!!


  1. this is a nice project. very well done.
    i bet it is a blast to ride.

  2. Nothing short of awesome! I would LOVE to ride that!

  3. Too Cool. Great job.

  4. Damn, that is nice and interesting. Not your typical build but looks like it was fun to build and ride.

  5. I like the roadrash on the saddle, Flipped once too often?

  6. So brilliant, it should have been my idea!

  7. "I like the roadrash on the saddle, Flipped once too often?"

    Good eye.Yup it's been tossed a few times. The best one was when my buddy, Mike N., stalled it & then had a battle to get it running again. When it finally caught, Mike was more than a little frustrated and banged it into gear,dumped the clutch & grabbed a handful of throttle. Well sir, I'm here to tell you that the bike went STRAIGHT up and the back wheel was just about at eye-level with, a now very pale-faced, Mike. I mean he had to jump out of the way so that it wouldn't land on him on the way down! You can't BUY entertainment like that .


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