Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sam Simons posts.

One of my favorite bike builders of the last decade or so is a gentlemen by the name of Sam Simons. It's not surprising really since Sam is such a big 2 stroke fan and has built many a wicked special. We've never met in person but we've exchanged the odd e-mail from time to time and lately he's been a busy builder indeed. He's sent me a lot of interesting stuff over the last week or so and gave me his blessing to post it here. So for the next few posts or so and whnever the occasion arises I'm going to pass on some of his creations here. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll start it out with the creation that first caught my eye. It's a Kawasaki H1 powered RD400. The RD-K. The best of RD handling and Kawasaki triple power seamlessly grafted together.

LOTS more to follow.

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